About Me

Dwayne Sybbliss is a photographer and film creator, currently living in Toronto, Ontario.  Dwayne has completed two photography exhibits where his latest work titled, "Fatherless Fathers" explores single parent upbringings of young black individuals growing up in Regent Park; now adults with children of their own, they play an active role in their children's lives - ending the cycles of stereotypical 'single black parenthood'. His current film 'Last Ride Through Regent' is Dwayne's first feature short film that tackles the on-going gentrification process happening to the community of Regent Park and the affects it has on black bodies in those spaces. Dwayne is also a program director of a basketball prep program based in Durham, Ontario called Full Circle Basketball Academy.  Dwayne is a self taught photographer and film maker and holds a Masters in Environmental Studies from York University.


Email Address: dwaynesybbliss@gmail.com